Building Accountability & Responsibility

In-House Training Webinar
Via secure online Zoom video meeting  |  Up to 10 people

Our 2 x 3-hour, interactive online mini-programme will give you and your team the knowledge, skills and confidence to build accountability and responsibility and manage difficult conversations in your school or education setting.

Building Accountability & Responsibility

Our 2 x 3-hour, live, interactive webinars will give you and your leadership team the knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully build accountability and responsibility throughout teams in your school or education setting.
If you or your managers are frustrated that your teams have lost focus, or aren't working true to the ethos in your setting, this down-to-earth training is the answer.
We add to the learning in our Managing Difficult Conversations training and allow for a break of 2-3 weeks between sessions, so participants can practice what they've learned. We find this helps to embed the learning and approaches covered.

Who is it for?

  • SLT
  • MLT
  • Governors
  • CEO/Exec Heads
  • Anyone working in a management or leadership role

This webinar will help you to

  • Taking a coaching approach to leadership and management
  • What coaching is and isn’t
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Building positive communication skills
  • Defining accountability and responsibility
  • What does that mean in our role?
  • Taking a coaching approach to accountability and responsibility
  • What makes difficult conversations difficult?
  • Exploring our communication and conflict styles
  • Practical frameworks and tools for managing difficult conversations

Do you wish your teams would take more personal responsibility?

This interactive webinar brings an alternative approach to building accountability, communication in the workplace and managing difficult conversations that allows you to be yourself and to generate positive outcomes and buy-in from others.  There are no ‘gimmicks’, or role-play, just a practical, coaching-based approach to giving feedback and having conversations, that will allow you to develop constructive relationships, build accountability and responsibility in your teams and achieve positive results.

Managing people is challenging at the best of times.  For example:
  • Managing change
  • Giving feedback
  • Performance management
  • Managing difficult conversations with parents
  • Sickness absence and presenteeism
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Negotiating working patterns and contracts

Good news!

Whilst you will have opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills learnt on this webinar, WE DON’T DO ROLE PLAY!

Instead we  will discuss real scenarios with you prior to the sessions and use these in groups and pairs to practice a coaching-based approach to building accountability, responsibility and having better quality conversations.

Can't see what you need or need more information?

If you have any questions about our training services please contact us for a no obligation chat. Call 07714 855757 or email info@bright-bird.co.uk

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