Team/Peer Coaching Progamme

In-House Training Webinar
Via secure online Zoom video meeting  |  Up to 8 people

This programme of 6 x 2-hour group coaching sessions will give your team the resources to problem solve and develop a coaching approach to their work.

Team/Peer Coaching Programme

This programme of 6 x 2-hour live, online group coaching sessions will give your team the resources to problem solve and develop a coaching approach to their work.

Who is it for?

  • Managers of businesses or organisations
  • Anyone new to a management role
  • Existing and aspiring managers
  • Anyone working in a management or leadership role

This team/peer coaching will help you to

  • Identify and solve issues and problems affecting individuals
  • Take a positive, coaching based approach to solving these in a structured environment
  • Manage change
  • Build coaching skills and a coaching culture
  • Improve reflective practice, communication skills and team work
  • Build team resilience, motivation and accountability

What is team or peer coaching?

Our facilitated team/peer coaching uses transformational coaching approaches to provide motivation and direction for you and your team to achieve tangible and positive outcomes. Using a positive, problem solving approach, we support you to address real issues and set realistic actions to resolve these.

Our team/peer coaching supports your team to generate motivation and resilience resulting in your business or organisation having more effective working practices, including personal and professional wellbeing.

Looking for in-person facilitation?  Contact us to discuss and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Examples of how you can use team/ peer coaching:
  • Leadership team
  • Teams working on specific areas e.g. project leads
  • Peer groups / Peers in similar roles within MAT’s
  • Board members / Governors

Good news!

Whilst participating in Team Coaching, your people will not only learn to problem-solve in real-time, working on issues they are currently facing, but they will also learn and develop coaching skills and approaches as they go along.

This will enable your teams and managers to build a coaching culture within your organisation – with positive communication, a growth mindset and a problem-solving approach being ‘how we do things around here’.

Want to find out more?

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about this or any of our other training and coaching offers. Call 07714 855757 or email info@bright-bird.co.uk

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