Top Tips for a better Work-Life Balance

Is this you? Do you feel stuck in that daily grind of wanting to do a good job and also be a great husband/wife/partner/parent, etc.? That’s not even counting trying to find some real ME time in your life?

You’re not alone…

  • Work-related stress costs Britain 10.4 million working days per year
  • 73-75% of teachers say workload is having a serious effect on their mental health
  • Only 12% of teachers say they have a good work-life balance
  • More than 40% of employees are neglecting other aspects of their life because of work, which may increase their vulnerability to mental health problems
  • (Source: Mental Health Foundation & The Guardian)

The bad news is that there’s no quick fix to this problem – but the GOOD NEWS is that there are some simple changes you can make to take back control and minimise the negative effects of the demands of work…

1. Prioritise and deal with the things that will REALLY make a difference…

There will always be too many tasks to accomplish, so ask yourself, ‘What will happen if I DON’T do this?’ And concentrate on the things that are essential, but above all, will make a positive difference.

2. Set some goals…

By setting goals you’ll know what you’re aiming for in both your personal and work life. These should be your priority, so aim to plan other tasks around them.

3. Ask…’Is this my responsibility?’

We care about our work and want to do a good job, but often end up doing more than we should. If time (and energy) is at a premium, then question whether this REALLY is your responsibility – and if it’s not, then give it back!

4. Prioritise YOURSELF!

We so often end up putting the needs of others before us – whether it’s wanting to help out work colleagues, or being the perfect parent. But no-one’s going to thank you when you’re on the floor, exhausted. So remember to plan in some ME time – remember, you’re just as important as everyone else in this world…

5. Get a planner…

If you don’t plan in the nice stuff it’s never going to happen. So start a planning system, whether this is an online app, or a good old-fashioned diary. Plan in the important things for your working day, outside appointments – but don’t forget to plan in your leisure time too!

6. Use it!

How often do we start off with good intentions, but then everything’s back as it was in a couple of weeks? The key is to make your plans manageable and set out a routine to embed good habits. Soon, planning and managing your time will be ‘what you do’ and whilst it will never solve all of the pressures of life, you’ll start to gain more and more control.

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