Why you should fill your planner... when there are not enough hours in a day...

Seems a bit perverse doesn’t it? You’re already wondering how you can go without sleep in order to get your work done – never mind jobs for home…. and as for a social life…? Ha!

Yet as a coach, working with people on improving productivity and work life balance, I often see people with diaries with practically nothing in them, just the odd meeting and dentist appointment. Yet I know they are working way too many hours to be good for them.

One of the secrets to successfully managing your work and life, is to be PURPOSEFULLY productive. If you leave a space, someone else will fill it for you…. usually with what THEY want!

So instead, plan in your week’s work, breaking your days into blocks and deciding what you’re going to do in that time – e.g. writing a business proposal, or marketing.

The next step is to do the same for your personal life, be that time with the kids, going to the gym, or socialising. If it’s on paper it’s more likely to happen!

Try it this week and see what happens!

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