Team Coaching – The New Approach to Staff Development

What is Team Coaching?
Team coaching is a new and effective way to build high-performing teams, though utilising coaching approaches and techniques in a group setting.

This approach can be used to improve individual and team performance, develop ownership, motivation and alignment with your organisation’s strategy and outcomes. It is also an excellent way to develop and embed skills as a team development programme.

How it Works
The coach works with an identified group for sessions lasting up to 2 hours. The frequency of the sessions is set by you, but usually takes place 4-6 weekly.

Coaching is an outcomes-based approach, leading to practical, tangible results. The coach works in an informal way with the group to set and work through strategies to achieve the outcomes you choose – e.g. Setting actions and responsibilities to implement the organisational business plan.

Sessions consist of a combination of coaching approaches and tools, such as incisive questioning and planning, but can also incorporate an element of training, such as passing on information to develop coaching and leadership skills.

Actions and practical strategies are agreed both collectively and individually at the end of each session.

Team coaching can also be used as a tool to develop areas such as Leadership, Time Management and Productivity, or Stress Management and Personal Resilience.

Who is it for?
Team Coaching is suitable for all organisational types, including:

  • SME’s
  • Large companies
  • Schools
  • Not-for-profit & Charitable sector
  • Public Sector

And is suitable for groups working at any level, including:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Staff Teams with mixed responsibility
  • Peer Groups
  • NQT’s
  • Multi-agency and Co-Production Working Groups

The Benefits
Team Coaching provides excellent added-value:

  • Participants receive coaching, both as a team and individuals.
  • They are able to learn practical coaching skills and tools to coach themselves and others.
  • It provides opportunity to embed learning, practice skills and implement actions between sessions.
  • This is a bespoke approach, tailored to meeting your staff and your organisation’s needs.
  • It can be used as a cost-effective follow-up session to embed 1 or ½ day training.
  • This approach promotes individual and team responsibility, accountability and motivation.
  • It provides excellent value for money, with costs as low as £20 per person per session.
  • Staff only need to be released for a 2 hour session every few weeks, minimising the impact on your business activities.
  • Sessions can be carried out at flexible times and venues.

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