Overcoming procrastination - Step away from the cat videos...

OK, so it’s time to turn off the cat videos and knuckle down to some work…

You know those jobs that you put off, when you convince yourself that dusting the skirting boards is oh so important? Well it’s time for me to finish off my ILM 7 Executive Coaching Diploma assignment. I’ve already gained the certificate qualification and love my work, but it’s so hard to find the motivation to sit down and get on with it sometimes.

Here’s a tip if you’re struggling to find motivation… create what we coaches call leverage for yourself. There are two ways of doing this – positive and negative.

Positive leverage is where I remind myself how great I’ll feel when I’ve achieved my Diploma and can give myself a reward for this.

Negative leverage is often more powerful and involves imagining the negative consequences of NOT doing my assignment – e.g. I won’t gain my qualification, I’ll be disappointed in myself, it’ll be hanging over me for ages….

It’s important you really reinforce both of these scenarios visually and also really tune in to what you’ll feel like. Make it as real as possible.

Right… now to turn social media off and get down to work!

Have a good day, no matter what you choose to do!

Karen Amos is the owner of BrightBird Coaching & Training and is a qualified Executive Coach and Professional Development Trainer. 

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