Forget Resolutions... Start making REVOLUTIONS!

It might seem a strange thing for a coach to say forget about resolutions, but for years now, I’ve called my yearly goals REVOLUTIONS… and here’s why….

Firstly, if it’s not going to make much of a positive impact for you then why bother? Why not seize the opportunity to do something REALLY worthwhile for yourself?

Secondly, it’s all too easy to fall into the negative language trap. For example, ‘giving up’ smoking, or ‘losing’ weight. The key to success is to actually set out what you DO want, then put the steps in place to achieve it.

So for example, instead of ‘losing’ weight, you could choose to get fit – and the way you would measure your success could be by being able to run for 2 miles by June.

So keep it positive and watch out for more tips for successful goals this week.