Goals! The Path to the 2017 YOU would choose…

Well we’re at the end of 2016…. How was it for you? Have you ended the year with a sense of achievement, or regret?

We coaches are always banging on about setting personal goals, but with good reason…. How will you achieve anything if you don’t know where you’re heading?! It’s like going out for a 10 mile walk, with no map or direction and hoping you’re going to end up in a specific place you’d choose….

So as we approach 2017, why not think about what you’d like to have achieved this time next year…. What would you like to have done or made better?

Remember to make it achievable and specific – you can always set another goal if you achieve that one….

I’ll post more on goals in the next few days to hopefully motivate you to get the best out of the coming year, but in the meantime, have a great New Year’s Eve, no matter what you choose to do! 🙂 x


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