Christmas overload…?

As a coach, I’m always amazed at how few people use lists regularly. Here’s an explanation of why they’re so useful….

Fact: Your brain can only hold around 7 items of information at a time. So think of your brain a bit like a little shelf – if you put too many books on one end, then books already on the shelf will fall off the other end…. This is why it’s so tiring and stressful trying to hold on to lots of unrelated information and To Do’s.

The Answer?: LISTS!

You should use lists like an external memory drive for your brain. Whether you write them down, or use an electronic planner, dump EVERYTHING you’ve got to remember, no matter how big or small into your list and do this every time something comes up. You’ll find you can pick out the things you need to work on and plan in the others and free up all that brain space!

Give it a go and make life easier for yourself!

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